According to the Public Relations and International Affairs report of Agricultural Support Services Company

In the meeting of the ordinary general assembly of the Agricultural Support Services Company on Saturday August 8, 1401, in the development hall located in the main building of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, with the presence of the members of the assembly of this company, representatives of the Minister of Economic and Property Affairs, the Planning and Budget Organization, the Minister of Agricultural Jihad and the Minister The judiciary was formed; Engineer Hamid Rasouli, Managing Director of Agriculture Support Services Company, gave a detailed report on the activities of Agriculture Support Services Company.

In the meeting of the company's general assembly, while stating the statistics and accurate information about the activities of the Agricultural Support Services Company in the fiscal year 1400, he announced: In the year 1400, despite various challenges such as the lack of timely supply of currency, cruel sanctions and the spread of the Corona disease, the company's performance It has been acceptable. So that, in total, all kinds of agricultural inputs include all kinds of subsidized fertilizers, all kinds of modified seeds and all kinds of pesticides; Of the 2,507,700 tons of the announced plan, 2,282,610 tons, equivalent to 91 percent of the announced plan, were procured, of which 2,120,377 tons; The equivalent of 85% of the program was communicated, distributed and consumed.

The noteworthy point is that of the total amount of agricultural fertilizers provided in 1400, the amount of 1982802 tons of urea fertilizer (equivalent to 104% of the announced program) was provided despite the various problems that were in the way of the work and was recorded as a record.

Engineer Rasouli, the implementer of the self-sufficiency plan for agricultural fertilizers and the CEO of the Agricultural Support Services Company, further emphasized the special attention of this company to support domestic production and added: Another important point is to use the maximum domestic capacity of fertilizer production in the country, which fortunately this company was able to do. Of the total of 2,275,416 tons of fertilizers provided in 1400, 2,127,686 tons equivalent to 94% were provided from domestic producers of agricultural fertilizers and after making sure that there was no domestic supply capacity, the remaining amount was 6% of the total amount of provided fertilizers; to enter the country from foreign sources on time.

In this section, Hamid Rasouli enumerated the current problems in the field of importing agricultural fertilizers and announced: 100% of the imported fertilizers are provided on credit with an average payment period of two months, and by God's grace, we were able to settle the company's external obligations on time, and at the same time, no The company has not been charged for the cost of financial transfers of foreign payments.

Engineer Rasouli, referring to the successful records of the Agricultural Support Services Company in the field of unloading imported cargoes in southern ports, said that in 1400, this company received good sums from the shipping companies from the Dispatch bonus for unloading ships carrying agricultural fertilizers, and considering that All the cargoes have been unloaded within the stipulated time, not even one riyal has been paid as a penalty for the delay in unloading the ship.

Managing Director of Agricultural Support Services Company explained the method of providing agricultural fertilizers from supply to distribution to farmers and said: Out of the total of 2,275,416 tons of fertilizers provided in 1400, 1,744,515 tons were transported and sold directly (from the source to the broker or farmer).

Engineer Hamid Rasouli, referring to the effective presence of the Agricultural Support Services Company in the wheat and rice contract cultivation programs, said: Considering the capabilities and capacities of this company in the distribution of various types of agricultural inputs, the supply and distribution of 660 tons of seeds of various varieties of wheat, barley, rice and soy In 1400, it was announced to the Agricultural Support Services Company that 611 tons, equivalent to 93% of this amount, were provided and sold completely.

Regarding the status of the agricultural fertilizer supply, procurement and distribution program since the beginning of 1401 until now, he said: the total notified program of all types of subsidized fertilizers in 1401 is 3339000 tons, which includes 2219000 tons of nitrogen fertilizers, 820000 tons of phosphate fertilizers, and 300000 tons of potash fertilizers. 100% of which has been procured and about 1,860,000 tons of which have been provided, of which 1,250,812 tons have been delivered to the provinces.

In addition, the company currently has more than 610,000 tons of strategic reserves of subsidized fertilizers.